Our Partners

Our decades-long relationships with the Formosa Plastics Group and its numerous local divisions make direct sourcing simple - anywhere on earth.

Formosa Plastics Group

Founded in 1954, Formosa (FPG) is a trusted name in international manufacturing. A vertically-integrated supplier of plastic resins and petrochemicals, it is built to fit scaled needs for companies of all sizes and business models. FPG has over 110,000 employees worldwide, with 2,900 people, 20 production units, and five business units in the U.S. alone. With manufacturing operations in the USA, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, the group is its own core supplier for many production needs.

Formosa’s plastic products include a full line of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and polypropylene resins, caustic soda and other petrochemicals that deliver the consistency, performance and quality that customers require. FPG is dedicated to consistent products, continued protection of the environment and ongoing investments in new product development, quality control systems and safe, modern and energy-efficient production facilities.

Nextier Sourcing has been a partner with Formosa Plastics since 1984.

Nextier partner divisions

In addition to the global Formosa Plastics Corporation, Nextier Plastics has distinct sourcing relationships with Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Formosa Chemical and Fibre Corporation, Formosa Idemitsu Plastics Corporation, and our parent company, Nextier Sourcing.