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For projects that require advanced resins, engineered compounds, or thermal protection, we provide next-level solutions for electronics and electrical industries. Nextier can customize compounds where base polymers are limited to meet your precise needs for durable, temperature-resistant, easy-to-mold performance plastics.

Our expansive product line features popular electrical materials such as ABS, PC, and PC/ABS. ABS and PC have good mechanical strength along with electrical resistance properties. The combination of PC and ABS leverages the best of both materials and applies them toward enclosures, internal parts, and more.

Product Applications

Why plastics for electronic applications?

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Reducing the weight of an end product does more than increase the consumer’s ease and comfort of use. It can also dramatically impact energy efficiency. Helping our customers choose materials that are the precise weight for optimal power is part of the way we go above and beyond.

Heat, Static, and Fire Resistant

Static shock, skin burns, and sparks all pose a hazard in the making and use of electrical goods. High-quality polymers have inherently low thermal conductivity, which enhances the safety of electrical products and appliances. Our team works with you to mitigate danger with innovative recommendations for consumer safety.

Electrical Insulation

The first requirement for the use of any material to provide electrical insulation is low conductivity. Flexible polymers are some of the most reliable options for wiring and cables. We provide resilient polymer solutions for the most complex internal circuit structures.

Versatile, Energy-Efficient Design

Plastics promote efficiency by allowing energy to go where it should and preventing it from escaping to where it shouldn’t - saving both energy and money. Further, our unparalleled range of adaptable materials combined with a dedicated team means you have freedom to form products in any color, texture, and ergonomic design to make them both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Mechanical Durability

Electrical housings, enclosures, and covers rely on rigid polymers for their tensile strength and ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Whether you need impact resistance at low temperatures, dimensional stability at high temperatures or a medium that does it all, our experts can help source custom-engineered materials to fit your needs.

Effective Adhesives, Coatings, & Seals

The demand for quieter, waterproof, and environmentally-friendly products is ever-increasing, and plastics can make or break the lifespan of these goods. Nextier increases your competitive edge with uncompromising quality compounds that meet your aggressive durability standards.