Consumer Products

Plastics continue to expand and find new applications throughout the landscape of indoor and outdoor consumer products. Modern resins make it possible to combine material characteristics - such as color clarity and heat resistance - that are otherwise difficult to achieve using traditional materials. For everything from kayaks to kitchen utensils, Nextier advances your efforts to stay ahead of the competition with uncompromising quality aesthetics and performance plastics.

Trying to choose the best material for your design? As your partner in the industry, we can help you decide which polymers are right for the job based on your precise needs.

Product Advantages

Three main characteristics might make plastics the optimal choice for your end-use product:

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Modern advances in the chemical makeup of plastics now provide an endless array of customization options, so products can meet your exact specifications. Let our team help you choose the best polymer, whether your aesthetic demands rich color or transparency, a smooth texture or rugged grip.

Stiffness, flexibility, stress-crack, and both temperature and UV-resistance are all at your fingertips with our unparalleled supply of resins.


From the studio apartment to the great outdoors (and everywhere in between), customers demand goods that outlast the elements. Premium resins supplied by Nextier aid in producing end-products such as furniture, sports equipment, and even breathable clothing that maintain their structural integrity under rugged treatment.


As sustainability becomes more and more of a priority for both consumers and producers, energy efficiency can ripple savings through the entire manufacturing process from production to all the way to recycling. The use of resin-based shipping pallets and crates, for example, makes them easy to clean and reuse, lowering the bottom line on transportation costs. Economical processes like this can help startup companies and small businesses maximize both their profits and product lifespan.

Energy Efficiency

Using the right plastics can drastically reduce a production carbon footprint. Less material means lighter loads, which can decrease emissions from transportation. Food packaging made from plastics requires 38% less material by weight than steel cans and 90% less than glass. Our comprehensive polymer portfolio can help you produce products that continue to promote energy efficiency - even after recycling.