Contemporary trends in construction aim for maximizing performance while reducing environmental impact. As a resource-heavy activity, building projects inherently present challenges to energy efficiency. Nextier takes a proactive approach by empowering our customers with a comprehensive range of materials that both simplify and optimize the most aggressive design goals.

Product Applications

Below are some of the top construction plastic applications.

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Heavy Equipment

Major development and renovation projects require plastics that handle the heaviest use while “lightening” the load. Whether you need equipment with excellent heat resistance, a strong water and oxygen barrier, or high-quality grip, our team can help you choose or even custom-engineer resins that survive the grind.


Structural integrity and energy-saving capabilities are what separate average roofing materials from the exceptional. The reflective properties of our vinyl or thermoplastic olefin (TPO) blends provide lasting protection from the elements for commercial and private buildings.

Walls & Insulation

To cover and insulate walls, the choice between “paper or plastic” is as clear as transparent vinyl. Vinyl is energy-efficient to make and install, yet durable and easy to clean. Our experts can help you optimize your polyurethane-based insulation systems to reduce waste and control moisture.


Lightweight polycarbonate is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional window glazing materials. Nextier’s extensive portfolio of premium plastics includes compounds that reduce thermal conductivity and resist shattering, effectively boosting structure cost-efficiency and durability.

Piping & Plumbing

From FDA-standard polypropylene for running potable water to acrylic resins with rigid chemical-resistance standards, reliable plastics can control moving substances without rust or corrosion. An expert partner can help you engineer a seamless multi-material system with low maintenance and a long lifespan.

Outdoor Structures

Virtually eliminate warping and knots with planks and rails made from cutting-edge composite technology. Nextier supplies product engineers with unparalleled plastics that produce decks, fences, and railings resistant to peeling, cracking, splintering, or fading.