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Product Applications

Below are some of the top automotive plastic applications.

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The interior surfaces of a vehicle are where science and senses collide. Our experts can help you choose the finest harmony of plastics, leather, and nonwovens that promote scratch and mar resistance for durable driving comfort.


In order to be competitive in today’s market, both sleek form and rugged function must unite on the external frame of a vehicle. With safety as the top priority, our comprehensive range of high-quality materials gives you the freedom to create end-use products that can endure the elements while maintaining clarity and color stability.

Electric Vehicles

As electric vehicle technology continues to advance, the increase in power components, as well as integrated touch and haptic feedback systems, presents new challenges. We provide smart, proactive solutions to meet these unique demands.

Heavy Vehicles

Commercial transportation presents the ultimate test of durability in engineering thermoplastics. For resins and polymers that go the distance through environmental extremes, our unparalleled materials eclipse quality-control demands for every surface.

Lightweight Vehicles

The goal of transitioning from metal to plastic-based design is to determine the optimal weight that still maximizes part performance. Nextier partners with your team to create strategic weight solutions for every application.


The powertrain houses the most demanding conditions of the vehicle system. Uncompromising in performance factors, our exceptional materials ensure that end-products deliver in key areas such as emissions, sustainability and structural integrity.