Consumers expect appliances that perform effectively, efficiently, reliably and safely over an extended lifespan. Our manufacturing partners are empowered to create the most cutting-edge innovations in appliances through seamless access to our extensive portfolio of plastics and polymers.

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Why plastics for appliances?

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Whether it's to reduce weight, increase chemical or mechanical resistance, add colors, or to include more complicated design features, plastics offer viable solutions at reasonable costs. Nextier’s uniquely proactive approach yields the optimal fusion of consistency and safety in every product.

Appliances must be designed and manufactured to be safe to use throughout their complete life-cycle. High-quality compounds that resist fatigue prevent consumers from engaging in time-consuming - and possibly hazardous - repairs that can detract from the manufacturer’s brand image. We’ll help you discover scientifically-validated formulas that meet and even exceed electrical and fire safety standards.


Nextier is dedicated to helping our partners understand how their designs will perform in real-life applications. Dishwashers, for example, increasingly see plastics replacing formerly metal and glass components. Rigorous testing is necessary to measure how the heat, steam, drying, and detergents will impact the long-term performance of various appliance parts.

Our team has the industry expertise to help you choose materials for optimal impact-resistance while preserving the integrity of the look and feel for each product.


Plastics are continuing to replace traditional materials in appliances. They play a key role in improving noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics, cleanliness, and aesthetic capabilities.

However, even simple designs can present complex challenges to materials engineers. Disproportionate weight and overwhelming friction are two common obstacles for product durability.

As an expert resource in polymer compound development, our clients trust us to assist in the decision-making process for materials that can adapt to any application and withstand rigorous use.


Transparency and ecofriendliness are characteristics of industry-leading companies and are valued by consumers. Additionally, products that are durable not only in their lifespan, but can be repurposed or renewed contribute to a cost-efficient production cycle.

Nextier’s personalized process takes clients beyond compliance to commendability and beyond sustainability to stewardship. Our exclusive access to the full portfolio of competitively priced Formosa Group’s plastics and polymers provides our clients with the tools to produce high-quality, long-lasting products with a minimal carbon footprint.